How to get free Instagram followers


1. Enter IG Username

2. Select the amount

3. Generate and Enjoy

Enter your Instagram username, Don't use the '@' symbol when entering your Instagram username

Select the amount of followers that you want. Then click on the generate button and wait for few minutes.

Wait for few minutes then check your instagram profile.

Video proof


5 simple steps


1: Open Instagram Followers Generator page.

2: Input your Instagram username.

3: Click 'Get free followers' button.

4: Select the number of amount of followers that you want.

5: Generate followers & Enjoy.


*100% FREE. Watch this video full to learn more.

If you're unable to locate your Instagram account after entering your Instagram username:

Please Make sure that you're entering your Instagram username correctly, especially if it contains repeated same characters.

Don't use the '@' symbol when entering your Instagram username. Click Here to learn more.





1. Why are you giving all these real Instagram followers free?

Back in 2014 we had an Instagram followers business in which we sold Instagram followers to the public, our Instagram followers were of the highest quality and they are active real users so we paid a little bit more than the usual Instagram business, as time went on other Instagram businesses started taking over leaving us to crash so we were stuck making little to nothing. We had to close down after we closed we were stuck with thousands of Instagram followers, for once we decided to give something back to the community so what better than giving away free Instagram followers?!


2. Why do I need to complete a survey?

We use surveys as a human verification process, you may be thinking what the hell is that?! A human verification process makes sure the user is a human and not a robot, we have a big problem with robots visiting our website as they are claiming all the Instagram followers for free, our website is not going to be around forever and these robots are killing the life of our website and they're doing it fast! Without the surveys, we had thousands of robots a day but with this new feature implanted, we barely get a handful. So, need to complete a survey to get the Free Instagram followers.


3. What is a survey?

Surveys can be used for a handful of things and one of them is to stop robots, most people use surveys to collect information for their business but not us, Instariser has found a unique way to stop 100% of bots by using them. Completing a survey normally consists of the user filling out some information such as their name, email and sometimes your phone number, you will normally be submitting this information to enter a draw or to win some sort of gift card, so it’s a double whammy really! This is a normal process and you have nothing to worry about. If you are viewing our website using a mobile device the surveys may vary, the most common survey for a mobile user is downloading some sort of app and installing it on their device, don’t worry you can remove the app straight after.